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Peux OS was initially a customized arch for my personal use only. It was never really an idea to convert it into a distro. COVID-19 boredom made it possible.

Peux represents the Linux "Penguin with a tux". I know that most of you would pronounce it in French, but in this case, it is pronunced as "PayUx" or "PeyUx", whichever suits you better [ 'Pe' from Penguin and 'Ux' from Tux/Linux ]. Alternatively, its acronym can be a " piece of **** " for you but for me, it's an effort.

Do remember that not every word that is known in your region needs to have a similar meaning anywhere else in the rest of the world.


Honestly speaking, it's just a hobby. However, the goal is to stick to the base system, that is Arch Linux while implementing the modern desktop ideas into it. Initially, I thought that I'd create a standalone OS of its own nature and own package manager, however, creating a huge repository is not an easy task for a lazy bum like me and it takes a lot of effort to achieve that goal too.

Bitter truth is that you'll find many arch-based distros out there. Then why Peux OS? Well, its proof is that community-driven ideas and already existing tools can make the experience so much better. Further tweaks can make it more than better.

Note: I am doing this as a hobby but can't say otherwise, i.e I'll continue to make changes to this distro and improvise it as the project will continue to grow.


  1. The credit for graphics/pictures goes to Unsplash and Freepik. The logo refurbishment was done by FOSSTorrents

  2. Rofi and Polybar ideas during the initial "Beta" versions were taken from adi1090x

  3. Recent conky themes are modified versions of Closebox73's work. You may find his/her Github repository here

I'd say, if you like it then spread the word, give some suggestions by either creating a thread on SourceForge under the discussion tab or join me on Discord/Telegram to have a lil' chit-chat if you want. I am also available at the Twitter handle - @whiteyakuzaa.