| Pantheon

A pantheon is a group of important and respected people. Out of respect, this page is dedicated to them, for willingly contributing to the Peux OS project, in one way or the other. I never thought that this project would gain so much exposure. The aim has always been: stick with Archlinux philosophy while implementing modern desktop ideas and that being the sole reason for not having a custom repository for Peux OS.

Below is the list of contributors:


[Given to Patrons/BuyMeACoffee/PayPal supporters for their contribution to Peux OS]

  • Modo -- My first patron and the person who initially saw the "sincerity and uniqueness" in this project.

  • Kevin E -- My first supporter on BMC and the person who made me realize that digital coffee is actually a "thing".

  • Nik Leb -- My first Paypal donation came from Nik. I appreciate that he stepped up to support the project in his own way.

  • Chase M -- My second Paypal donation came from Chase, who appreciated Peux OS for its immense customization.

  • Marcos D -- My third PayPal donation came from Marcos, who appreciated the work done on Peux OS.

  • Giuseppe C -- Pretty much a new user of Linux but he does have the urge to learn more. He donated to appreciate the help I did on few things to get him started.

  • Stephen Ireland -- Your donation means a lot. I appreciate your help, thank you.


[Given to testers, proposers, reviewers]

  • XFCENation -- They usually spread information that is related to XFCE. Peux OS was just released and these guys helped to spread it across their fanbase. They also introduced this project to FossTorrents.

  • FossTorrents -- My first partnership was with the FossTorrent guys. They provided a free torrent hosting platform and refurbished the Peux Logo as support to the project.

  • Tyler'sTech -- A popular YouTuber in our "Linux Community". He came to know about this project through DistroWatch and his unbiased review of the project has reached an extraordinary audience.

  • Zatiel -- A Mexican Youtuber who reviewed Peux OS when it was in its early stages. Though I do not understand Spanish that much, but his review has spread it to that part of the audience where it'd have been pretty impossible for it to reach without him.

  • Distrocrunch ( aka Mike ) -- Distrocrunch is a platform that reviews different Linux/BSD-based distros. I found it quite interesting when I read the review, the details, even though not about everything, were right on spot. Mike helped me realize that on some particular vendor machines the battery icon is not popping up for the end-users. I have fixed that now and it should be visible in the next release.

  • Russ ( aka dangeruss26 ) -- An active Twister OS tester. He participated in testing Peux OS to make it much better. He tested it on different machines, which helped in identifying hardware issues. He'll be participating in a lot more upcoming tests.

  • Anthony ( aka Connor ) -- Still a school kid and probably the youngest among us but the desire to contribute to FOSS is overwhelming. You'll most likely see the wallpapers contributed by him in the KDE releases.

  • Geo ( aka Eborn ) -- Ex Reborn OS tester. An expert in Virtualization/ParaVirtualization. He is running the hardware and performance tests along with "dangeruss26" these days, aiming to improve the performance of different machines.

  • りなぶ linux party -- A Japanese Youtuber. He's not that famous, but he has covered all of the Peux OS versions that I have published so far. I don't really get to spend much time on YouTube videos, however, I came to know about him from one of the Discord members. I do hope that he will get some more subscribers on his channel.

  • Darahaas -- Late addition to the list, but you guys would probably see the Peux Fetcher application developed by him, with some support and contribution from me, to serve the purpose of Peux configurations' distribution.

  • 9to5Linux -- A YouTube channel that posts videos related to Linux Distributions. I'm glad that they decided to include Peux OS videos in their channel.

  • Distro Tips -- A YouTube channel that posts videos related to Software Tips and Solutions. I'm glad that they decided to feature Peux OS in their channel.

  • Apk Heaven -- A YouTube channel that posts videos related to tutorials and guides on computer hardware and software. I'm glad that they decided to feature Peux OS in their channel.

  • TechSolvePrac -- A YouTube channel that demonstrates practical solutions related to System Administration, Software Development and Office Productivity Tools. I'm glad that they decided to feature Peux OS in their channel.

  • Adarsh -- A school kid with passion towards learning technologies. His bit of contribution is included in the RiverWM config.

This list will grow eventually as the number of contributors would rise. I'd give myself some credit as well for changing it from a hobby project to a partial-hobby project ( I'm nothing but generous :D )

Thank you!