PEUX OS -| [ POS ]

| Beautiful, minimal, secure, and highly customized Archlinux-distro


Customized Environment

POS uses customized XFCE as its default-version. BTRFS is the default filesystem with autosnap enabled. It uses Polybar as its default panel. Aiming to have a minimal desktop and yet beautiful.

Beautiful yet Secure

POS doesn't only look good. It is tied with apps that will help you secure your data and privacy. You can sandbox your applications, do anonymous surfing among many other things. OH! btw "FISH" is the default shell.

Apps & Packages

PACMAN is the default CLI package manager along with pamac as an alternative. For GUI, use Pamac-Manager, with Flatpak and AUR support options in its settings.


Official Versions


Peux OS comes with four different desktop flavors: XFCE, LXQt, Gnome, and KDE. XFCE is the flagship. Out of these four versions: KDE, LXQt, and XFCE are the highly configured ones. Gnome is included because of its minimalism and stability.

KDE is the recent addition to the list. I've decided to keep it after receiving a fairly huge number of community requests. A small note for the KDE version: if your screen gets locked during live-session then use 'root' to unlock it.

Please note that if you are using UnetBootin/Etcher, then the boot-process is likely going to fail. To make a bootable USB, use Rufus-dd mode / dd - CLI mode / Multiwriter / Mintstick.

**Note: All the downloads are now moved to the stable branch. The aim is to keep it minimal rather than lightweight. You can download Peux OS from any of the below available sites. This project will improve with time.**

Highlights from Mini-Notes



This is a clickbait, click to know more about autologin.

Let's Connect!

Communication - is the key, ain't it? I am not great at conversations, but I learned as much as possible from conversations that I've had with people over the years. That's why I'm pretty sure that we can be great friends ;)

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Peux OS is free and will always be free. Someone suggested me to keep this section because most of the time people don't check the website-footer ( I am one of them ).

This is a choice, if you want to help through donations then by all means chip in that money. Any of the buttons below would take you there: