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| beautiful, minimal, secure, and highly customized Archlinux-distro


There's always more than one

Peux OS comes with three different desktop flavors: XFCE, LXQt, and KDE. XFCE is the flagship. Out of these three versions: LXQt, and XFCE are the highly configured ones.

Please note that if you are using UnetBootin/Etcher, then the boot process is likely going to fail. To make a bootable USB, use Rufus-dd mode / dd - CLI mode / Multiwriter / Mintstick / Ventoy.


Where to download from?

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Communication - is the key, ain't it? I am not great at conversations, but I learned as much as possible from conversations that I've had with people over the years. That's why I'm pretty sure that we can be great friends ;)

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Peux OS is free and will always be free. This is a choice, if you want to help through donations then by all means chip in that money. Any of the buttons below would take you there: