Installer fails -- swap issue

This has been a known issue for sometime and I didn't get time to address this properly. So what is the issue that I'm talking about?


During the installation, when "swap with hibernate" option is selected, the installer fails to complete the installation, only a handful of such cases are known to me atm.

I am currently not aware of the cause behind this, it could very well be a "Calamares" issue, or could be some "dependency" issue, as there's no configuration changes done yet hence can't call it a configuration issue either, but I am not sure at this point as I didn't test it.

Solution ( alternative ):

There are two alternatives to this problem, that too, if you really want to use hibernation:

  1. Use "swap to file"

  2. Manual partition with swap enabled.

Remember that when you'll use "swap-to-file", you will have to make manual confiuration changes for the hibernation to actually work. Suspend will work oob.

Hope that works.