Discontinuing Gnome ISO

Hi All,

I have decided to discontinue the Gnome edition of Peux OS. The reason behind this is, Peux is a riced-distro, the essence of it is in "Ricing" and "Customizing" while of-course sticking with Pure Arch repositories and then deliver it to the end-users, Gnome is slowly defeating that very purpose.

Gnome, is my favorite desktop environment out of all DEs out there ( I'm a Gnome fanboy ), but its continuous progress, has made it harder to keep the customization consistent. The extensions are not coming from "upstream" and you'd then have to wait for the maintainer of the extension to provide a fix, they might even discontinue the development. Due to all of this, there's no synchronization between extensions and Gnome versioning amid the releases.

To keep it short, I will archive all the old Gnome-ISOs.

Any thoughts are welcomed.

Many thanks