Upcoming Beta ISOs -- Wayland Compositors

Hi All,

I am planning to release some of the Wayland Compositor ISOs. Even though the ISOs are Stable, I am still releasing them under Beta tag. I am still part of the crowd that heavily believes Wayland to be overestimated and that it still needs a lot of work. However, the progress has been great over the last couple of years. The sole reason behind releasing these as Beta is due to the belief mentioned above and I am sure that on most machines it may cause problems, especially the ones with NVIDIA graphics card as Wayland doesn't sit well with NVIDIA.

Another reminder, Wayland compositors has a bad reputation when it comes to running them on VMs, hence I'd suggest you try these on either live-usb or on a hardware other than your primary machine.

Please also note that I am deciding not to put the Beta versions on FOSSTorrents, as it'd be easy for me to take down the ISOs or upload a new one to test whenever I wish to, once the stability is confirmed, the stable ones would be available on FOSSTorrents. The maintainer does a lot of work along with maintaining the FOSSTorrents site with multiple projects in it, which is why I don't want to bother him with back to back beta-releases, which would happen anytime.

Any inputs/feedback/adjustments/advises related to Beta are warmly welcomed. Let me know via Discord/Telegram/Sourceforge, you may also drop a message to me on Twitter.

Have a great day!